It’s crazy how the price of produce has sky rocketed over the past few years! ​The result is that people end up having to go for cheaper options which usually have the dreaded “processed” label and leave a rather fowl taste in your mouth.

As fitness enthusiasts, we know what a difference it makes to your health and to your fitness goals when you are able to stick to good quality produce that is rich in protein and nutrients.

Chicken is one of the healthiest meat options. It is a lean meat which means it is low in fat. 100g of cooked chicken contains 239 calories and 27g of protein, which is vital to growth and development. Chicken also contains zinc, iron, vitamin B6, B12 and D.

This means that chicken is great for weight control and loss. The protein content ensures that you feel fuller for longer and helps to curb binge eating. The phosphorus contained in chicken helps to keep your teeth and bones healthier while also assisting the functioning of your kidneys, liver and central nervous system.

As you can tell, we are quite pro chicken for obvious reasons. This prompted us to go on a wild hen chase and find a free range and healthy meat supplier at an affordable price. Our supplier, whose name we will keep to ourselves of course, has a free range chicken farm and is in fact a supplier to one of the high end supermarket franchises as well.

​As we are a new setup, things still run in a rather old fashioned way. You take your pek online, make the payment and then collect your order from our residence in Erasmuskloof once we let you know that it is ready. We do also make use of a courier for deliveries that are a bit further afield. This process will be streamlined as we grow and we are aiming to have a shop in Pretoria East soon.

Pekincheep is your answer to cutting out the middleman and getting the best quality produce at a far more affordable price.