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Gegrond is the best coffee in town, in our opinion! The coffee is ground to your specific preference and roasted on order, freshness guaranteed! You choose between Medium Roast or Dark Roast.

Grind profile:

  • Beans- When you have a grinder or a machine that grinds your beans when you make coffee
  • Filter Grind – Ideal for a Mocha Pot or French Plunger
  • Espresso Grind – Ideal for an espresso machine with no grinder

Some tasting notes

Deep dark chocolaty aroma with honey and chocolaty notes. Mild malic acidity with a bold body mouthfeel. Fruited (green apple) flavours with chocolaty notes in the aftertaste.

Bright sweet fruited aroma with toasty notes. Mild malic acidity with medium body. Fruited flavours with some sweet lingering clean after-taste.

Nicaragua Marsellesa:
Candy sweetness. Exotic fruits, almonds. Full bodied and buttery. Medium citrus acidity.

Additional information

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